Human Capital Management – Optimize your HR processes with a complete, integrated, and global human capital management (HCM) solution. SAP ERP provides this HCM solution for organizations of all sizes and in all industries. You can maximize the potential of your workforce, while supporting innovation, growth, and flexibility. The SAP ERP HCM solution automates talent management, core HR processes, and workforce deployment – enabling increased efficiency and better compliance with changing global and local regulations.

Altura Consulting was founded in October of 2007 with the aim of bridging the value gap in Products and Services available to Non enterprise scale customers. With deep commitment to providing comprehensive design, painless implementation, stress free maintenance, and future proof systems we offer exceptional value to our customers, while raising the bar across the industry with our full feature services, solutions and products.

As a growing ERP Solutions provider, now in our eighth year of operations, and allied with SAP to bring Human Capital Management Solutions (HCM) to market. We enable small, medium and large enterprises to realize the potential and value of their investment quicker and more efficiently.

At Altura we are professional with impeccable pedigree and vast experience in implementing SAP projects and managing off-shore delivery services. Our management team is comprised of individuals who have led delivery teams at multi-national corporations and have an impressive record of delivering services with a strong value proposition.

We at Altura are uniquely placed to help you navigate the ERP landscape safely and successfully. Our full range of consulting services and delivery expertise coupled with proven methodologies guide your ERP solution design, development and integration.

The SAP HR software offers businesses and industries automation, standardization, streamlining and increased control over cost and legal compliance. The SAP HR software suite includes several modules, such as core HR and Payroll, talent management, workforce planning and analysis, mobile HR solutions, HR for small and medium enterprises and cloud-computing for Internet-based management and integration of all HR software modules.

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Implementations and Upgrades

Altura has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your SAP HCM implementation or upgrade project is completed on time, on budget, and on scope.
Our approach involves incorporating the best industry standards for solution design and engaging a delivery methodology and processes that are efficient and practical.
When most customers commence their journey on a chosen IT platform as a solution for their ERP they set out their targets keeping two fundamental constraints in mind: Cost of the Solution & Time lines for Delivery, while not compromising the Quality of the Solution.

As a proven SAP integrator we at Altura are mindful of the needs and challenges faced by clients embarking on their ERP journey. We are focused on designing, developing and delivering solutions that will have the minimal impact on existing business processes and in cases where there is any change brought about by enhancement of business process we ensure there is no lacunae by providing sufficient and clear documentation and training to the user and super user teams.
Altura offers value added ERP solutions with built-in content, tools and methodologies for a cost-effective implementation. Altura’s approach towards solution delivery involves incorporating the best industry standards for solution design and leveraging delivery methodologies that are efficient and practical.

Altura SAP implementation practices are backed by the right mix of people, processes, technology & infrastructure. The innovative, scalable, robust and integrated solutions help customers address diverse issues relating to strategy, operations, IT and change management.

  • Template Guided
  • Benefit from Accelerators
  • Faster to Implement
  • Highly scalable to support business growth

: Review business processes and plan In-Time & In-Budget solutions
Design: Open Systems architecture with full integration features
Deploy: Global best practices within Configuration, Customization & Coding
Deliver: Pre-defined testing tools to enable quick validation of the system by users
Training: Effective training methodology with documentation & System demos
Handover: System Operational acceptance as a prime goal

  • Greenfield SAP Implementation
  • Enhancements & Technical Services
  • SAP Application Functional & Technical Upgrades
  • Pre-configured & guided Templates

SAP HCM Support

A collaborative approach that involves the Client and stakeholders to manage all support activities. We follow the sun approach that enables round the clock presence.

Altura’s SAP EAMO runs on a flexible engagement model to provide support on-shore, off-site and on a dual-share basis to ensure optimum support levels at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to the customers. The support services are rendered with full coverage with a dedicated team of experienced domain specialists to keep your Applications and Systems running at peak efficiency resulting in streamlined processes, more satisfied users and a positive bottom-line. Our portfolio of customers spans across multiple verticals vis-à-vis Engineering, Oil & Gas, Mining, Agro-Warehousing, with both domestic & international presence in various countries. The Offshore SAP Support team comprises of functional & technical consultants who demonstrate great skill coupled with vast industry experience spanning over sectors like Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Trading, Process Industry, Procurement, Retail and Production industries.

Consultants with extensive experience in managing HR, Payroll, and other critical systems for large multinational companies in 13 in Asia Pac, 4 in EU. Altura – 5 in Africa. All with maximum up time.
A collaborative approach that involves the Client and SAP (stakeholders) to manage all support activities. Deploying the follow the sun methodology our consultants and processes are geared to provide round the clock support and maintenance activities.

We are equipped to provide support from our offshore locations, with powerful infrastructure, security processes and network bandwidth with built in redundancies across the board.
Our consultants who have multiple project experience and have worked with clients, users and SAP representatives across the world are best suited to understand and meet your business requirements. By virtue of their experience working in various projects and our focus on meeting our customers’ needs, we are able to provide support communication in other foreign languages.
We ensure that our consultants are aware of our clients’ security and privacy requirements and we integrate strong processes at our offshore support centers to ensure the same with stringent adherence to Service Level Agreements.

SAP HCM Intervention and Recovery

Specialists in recovering projects from any stage of deployment, even from the point where the earlier vendor has given up.
Most often the success or failure of the ERP projects is linked to the skill of the Solution partner vis-a-vis understanding of the business requirements, why they could not finish in time, why the deadlines were pushed and how the testing scenarios were not yielding the expected results.
However one of the important factors that also contribute to the success of a solution is the ability to ready the user groups to accept the design and solution.
Altura specializes in recovering projects from any stage of operations OR from the point where the earlier vendor has given up.

  • Review the existing documentation (Blueprints, SRS documents etc.,)
  • Conduct short reviews to validate the accuracy of the gathered requirements
  • Review of system configurations
  • Evaluate the Continuity of the existing system or Replace with Altura Pre-Configured System
  • Deploy Implementation Accelerators for quick Data load, Data validation, Testing & Production cut-over
  • Leverage on the already trained users for effective Go-Live
  • Costs: We understand that the customer has already expended the allocated funds for the solution design and deployment. Altura Intervention capabilities enable quick turn-around and putting the solution back on track as desired by the customer
  • Reduce the Time to Recovery of the Desired Solution
  • Minimize the Effort by using the right tools to deploy and test the solution
  • Ready to Manage (RTM) Present the solution in a phased manner so that the users can gain immediate traction from the system.

Systems Quality Audit

Altura is uniquely poised to provide audit services for Human Resource and Payroll systems,

  • Review Business Processes
  • Review Technical Documents
  • Conduct User Review Workshops
  • Evaluating Scope (Systems & Services) + Help define scope of audit
  • Technology best practices
  • Business Process best practices
  • Advice system changes and Business Process Re-engineering
  • Estimate Effort / Time / Cost of enhancements and bug fixes
  • Identification of external tools (best of breed) to deal with any system or process changes that can be done without the need to implement large scale system changes