Implementing SAP HR is one thing. Implementing it in a way that delivers the highest value is another. Every organization must justify the cost of implementation, minimize its budget, resources and time, maximize the efficiency and immediately realize demonstrable benefits.

In order to maximize the return on the software investment, as well as take advantage of the robust SAP functionality, HR, Payroll and Benefits processes may need to be streamlined. Determining the degree to which this is necessary and the best methods to make a positive impact, is the key to the project’s success.

SAP provides robust tools that support the implementation of their software, such as the ASAP Methodology and the Implementation Guide (IMG). However, the implementation timeframe and overall costs are significantly reduced with experts assisting the client.

Altura helps you experience the certainty on information as well as delivery & deployment of SAP HCM solutions!

With numerous SAP HR implementations experience, Altura places each customer’s requirements within the grid and estimate effectively the Time, Cost and Effort required to deliver the solution.

Altura’s Pan-Africa HCM Solution is built on standard SAP ECC 6.0 platform with NetWeaver extensions. This solution enables the readiness of the 70% HR requirements with only 30% customization to be made on the customer/project.


Altura Solution Accelerators:

  • Altura Data Transfer Toolbox – Instant Legacy Data load
  • Pre-configured Test Scripts for Rapid Testing
  • UAT Testing Tool for Post Payroll comparisons – PayCom


Solution Scope


  1. Green Field Implementation: Turn-key Implementation on a new instance
  2. SAP HCM Recovery: Recovery of an existing HCM/ Payroll Solution not functioning accurately


Business Benefits


  • Consistently achieve corporate objectives
  • Retain your talent Proactively identify and fill talent gaps
  • Lower cost of compliance and employee  administration
  • Improve decision making and manage human capital more effectively
  • Reduce risk scalable solution
  • Implement value-added activities
  • Turn HR into a strategic business partner

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