About Altura

Altura Consulting was founded in October of 2007 with the aim of bridging the value gap in Products and Services available to Non enterprise scale customers. With deep commitment to providing comprehensive design, painless implementation, stress free maintenance, and future proof systems we offer exceptional value to our customers , while raising the bar across the industry with our full feature services, solutions and products.

As a growing ERP Solutions provider, now beyond a decade of operation, and allied with SAP to bring Human Capital Management Solutions (HCM) to market. We enable small, medium and large enterprises to realize the potential and value of their investment quicker and more efficiently

At Altura we are professional with impeccable pedigree and vast experience in implementing SAP projects and managing off-shore delivery services. Our management team is comprised of individuals who have led delivery teams at multi-national corporations and have an impressive record of delivering services with a strong value proposition.

We at Altura are uniquely placed to help you navigate the ERP landscape safely and successfully. Our full range of consulting services and delivery expertise coupled with proven methodologie guide your ERP solution design, development and integration.